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This review will be on Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer.

I first heard about this product when I received a 40ml tube of it via a monthly beauty subscription box, but I had put it in my “to be used” box and hadn’t tried it straight away as I had been trying/using other products. The reason I did end up trying it sooner than expected was that it was featured on QVC here in the UK in June as their “beauty pick of the month” – and as there is only one beauty product chosen per month to be the favourite for that month, I was intrigued, so started to use my 40ml sample size, realised fairly quickly I was loving the product so purchased the full size from QVC.

Due to it being the beauty pick for QVC that month it was on a really good deal, being that I got en entire litre of it for £55. That may sound a lot, but it’s RRP for the 150ml is over £20, and I didn’t have to pay any postage, plus imagine how long an entire litre will last!

elasticizerThis product is a pre-shampoo treatment, which helps to add elasticity back into brittle, dry and damaged hair. It adds lift and bounce to the hair, whilst also taming flyaways! What more could you ask for in a single product.

From my personal experience of this product, it actually does do what it says “on the tin”, and really works, and without any nasty smell! My hair was never overly dry or damaged, just some environmental and heat damage, plus I colour my hair which can make it a little drier at times, but this product has made my hair bouncier and also a lot softer and smoother.

If you have finer hair, or hair that isn’t in as much need of recovery you can just use a little through your ends and length of your hair, but if you have very dry, damaged or thick hair you can use a bit more – the great thing about this product is that it is for all hair types so no need to worry if you can use it on your hair or not.

To use this pre-shampoo treatment you firstly wet your hair and then work the product through the hair, as much or as little as you feel you need. Then pop a shower cap on over the top and leave it for about 10-20 mins (I find the longer you leave it the better) and then rinse it out before shampooing same as normal. Do really make sure you rinse it thoroughly as you may find you get a little build up otherwise.

This product definitely works better the more you use it. When I use it once a week it does work and keep my hair smoother for the week, but upping it to even twice a week makes it feel amazing the whole time! I haven’t tried it more than twice a week as some days I only wash my hair every second day, and I don’t always have a spare half hour before my usual shower routine. If you are really pressed for time you should notice a difference just using it once a week though!

I have fairly smooth long (nearly elbow length) normal/fine hair and don’t even need one full pumps worth to cover my entire head for one treatment, plus this product comes out more like a lotion consistency, not in larger quantities like a foam, so you can imagine doing less than one pump, once or twice a week, of a lotion type product – just how long it will last!

This product was also voted Best Buy 2013 Winner by InStyle – and I can see why InStyle and QVC both chose it as something special, and a bit different.


I love my conditioning masks for my hair, and I do use them on my hair still. If you use the Elasticizer, then your shampoo, and then a conditioning mask afterwards, it literally feels like you have had an expensive salon treatment done on your hair, and the feeling lasts for days after. The only downside to this combination is that it won’t stay tied up in a bobble as my hair ends up so soft and smooth the bobble just ends up falling out! But I am sure I can live with that 🙂

I really would recommend this product, and looking all over the internet you will see nearly all the reviews are top marks, and I really do understand why.

Have you tried it? Let me know what you thought about it! Or if you have any questions then feel free to ask me, as I am aware it is more of a considered hair purchase!

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