What’s inside my first Memebox?

This post will be a look into what I got in my first ever Memebox*.

Memebox Scentbox #3 Grapefruit

At first I thought Memebox was another subscription box service, but when you look into it it’s actually something a bit different but equally as exciting. It’s still a service where you get sent a box with various beauty products in, but this isn’t a monthly subscription, what happens is that all of their boxes are on their website and you just pick the box/boxes you want!

Memebox Scentbox #3 Grapefruit

They have a selection of different types of boxes too, which means that you can literally find a box to suit your wants/needs!

The box I got was the Scentbox #3 Grapefruit, which contained 4 separate products, all 4 of which are full size, and the box only costs $15.

Memebox Scentbox #3 Grapefruit

Now said earlier in the post that I received 4 different products, which I did, but I got two of one of the products, so I got 5 products in total.

So now the exciting part, what I got in the box!

On the left at the back there is the Kael28 Sun Killing Grapefruit Gel 270ml.

This product smells amaaaazing! It’s basically an after sun gel. It is really lightweight, easy to apply helps to cool and soothe irritated and sun burnt skin, and can be used on the face and body. I generally try and stay out of the sun when I can as I am super pale and burn really easily, but I am looking forward to using it as there no doubt will be one day I do go out without sunscreen on and the weather ends up warmer than expected. I hope it works as well as stated, plus the smell is so refreshing. Looking forward to trying this!

The middle at the back is the Evas Mimi Lauryne’s Dress Perfume Mist de Grapefruit 150ml.

I really love the packaging of this spray as it’s simple but still pretty. This product also has that amazing fruity scent, but this scent is a little lighter as it has some floral notes in it too  keeping it fresh, but also very delicate and feminine.

I love the idea of this product too, which is that you would use it to freshen up your clothes, or any other fabrics you want to make smell prettier, including things like inside your car, curtains, sofas, cushions etc etc!

I can see me getting a lot of use out of this :)

On the right hand side on the left we have the Happy Fam Deo Fresh Grapefruit wipes.

This seems like a lovely little product in a convenient sized packet for taking on the go, which is great considering it is a deodorising fresh tissue for under the arms when you are feeling a little sweaty or just want to freshen up! Especially great when out and about in the Summer months.

Lastly we have the Sun Smile Hydro Gel Choosy Fruit 3ml x 2.

These little packets contain gel-type lip packs which help to deliver moisture and vitamin nutrition deep into dry, chapped lips. You take one patch out of the packet and apply it to your lips for 15-30 mins and then pat the remaining product into your lips for maximum result. Dry lips is something I really don’t like so I am really looking forward to seeing how these work too!

All in all I am really impressed with my first ever Memebox! I really like how I have never heard of any of the brands but have received products which interest me and I am really looking forward to using!

What did you think of this box? Let me know in the comments below!

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Natural Honey 7 in 1 Body Lotion Review

Natural Honey 7 in 1 Body Lotion

I have been using this product for quite a long time now (it’s nearly finished so look out for it in my next empties post!) I decided it’s time I did a review on it.

I got this Natural Honey 7 in 1 body lotion in one of my Birchboxes quite a few months ago. I remember at the time being excited about trying it as it’s a really decent size to get in a monthly beauty box as it is a 75ml bottle.

I have quite a bad habit of throwing out the little cards that come with the boxes explaining what everything does, which is normally okay except when – like this one – you go to use it, forgetting what it is, and realise the entire packaging is not in your own language…. whoops! Luckily it only took me a few minutes to google it and find that it was a body lotion (couldn’t remember if it was body lotion or shampoo!) and so I could start using it as such.

I was a little unsure about this product when I realised that it was a “natural honey” product as honey is not a preferred scent for me personally. In saying that though, once I had smelt it it hardly smells of honey at all and just has a very clean, fresh scent – possibly with a hint of honey but nothing too overpowering at all.

What has really impressed me about this though was just how long it leaves your skin feeling moisturised after you have used it, along with the fact that it absorbs into the skin really quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling oily, sticky or greasy, but at the same time gives you that really lovely soft moisturised skin.

I usually apply my body lotions and products at night time after my shower before bed, as I’m not a huge fan of having clothes stick to body products, but when it’s just clothes for bed I’m not too worried. When I apply this in the evening before bed it instantly gives a really good moisture boost to the skin, and even once you are up the next morning the scent has faded away overnight but your skin still feels really moisturised and smooth.

The other thing I have found with this body lotion is that you only need a really small amount as a little really does go a long way. I have been using this product nearly every night for a few weeks now and still not finished it yet! Getting a bit closer now but still another week or two to go I reckon.

The only real problem I have found with this body lotion is that it now seems really tricky to get a hold of anywhere! It’s a shame really as it’s a lovely product and I would happily have bought another once this one runs out, but I am not sure where from as of yet!

If you ever see this product anywhere do let me know and try it yourself too!

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Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo

Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo for Dry and Dull Hair

This review will be on the Ultimate Blends Shampoo by Garnier.

It was first recommended to me by a work colleague and I’m all for recommendations so obviously I purchased it as soon as I could.

The one I picked up was the one for dry/dull hair which has argan and camellia oils in it and is also paraben free which is a huge bonus too.

It appealed to me straight away as the packaging is really lovely. It’s not too girlie or over-done, just nice and simple but with a bright eye-catching colour. Within the range they have others for coloured hair and other various ones with different coloured packaging but this is the one I fancied trying first.

I was a little skeptical about how this shampoo would be, as when I first saw it as it was on an offer to be able to buy it for less than £2 for this massive 400ml sized bottle! It was a little worrying as usually cheap shampoo/hair products can be a bit pants, but not this one! I was really pleasantly surprised with this.

It’s got a lovely light clean scent, slightly floral but the argan and camellia oils in it give it a lovely warm richness to it too.

I decided to go for the one which is specifically aimed at people who have dry and dull hair, and in being completely honest, I have neither of those… The reason I went for this one is that I like to give my hair as much shine and moisture as I can, so I always go for the most conditioning ones within ranges (unless I need something more specific like one for colour treated hair).

I actually really liked the way it made my hair look and feel after just one use which really impressed me. It didn’t strip the hair, make it feel dry, oily, weighed down or flyaway at all. It really was very moisturising and smoothing on the hair.

Sometimes after having used a shampoo for a few weeks it can start to lose it’s effect on the hair and you won’t feel like you get the same results as you did at the start, but with this shampoo I found that it never got to that stage and as a result I have already finished one bottle of it, and have already purchased a second bottle!

Overall I really am impressed with this shampoo and will definitely be picking up some of the others in the range at some point soon, along with the matching conditioners.

Price wise, even full priced the shampoos and conditioners are all just under £4 each and as I said earlier they can also be found on offer in various stores at just under £2 each which is crazy considering it’s such a lovely product and a really good large size of it too.

I really would recommend giving this shampoo a shot and seeing what you think of it yourself!

Have you tried anything from this range or would you like to?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Empties #2

beautybookblog empties

So this is my second ever empties post and I am really excited to be writing this post as I have always been quite bad for not always finishing products.

I am the sort of person who jumps from one product to the other a lot of the time – but since having my blog it’s given me a reason to fully finish products and I must say it’s a very satisfying feeling!

I can see empties posts becoming a fast favourite of mine to put up here! Plus they are one of my favourite types of blog posts to read (and watch on YouTube).

Anyway, onto the empty products!

So I finished 9 products since my last empties post here.

First up we have the haircare products I finished…

beautybookblog empties #2I go through a lot of shampoo, as I wash my hair at least every second day, and my hair is fairly long so I need quite a bit to get it all clean!

Starting on the left we have the Batiste Dry Shampoo in the tropical scent. So far this is my favourite one! The blush one smells lovely too but I feel it’s quite a bit more powdery when in the hair. Need to try the others!

For the price I think that the batiste dry shampoos are great (hence finishing this larger size) so definitely expect to see more in later empties posts.

Next to that we have the Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo. I won’t talk about this too much as I have already done a full review of it here.

As a quick summary though this is an awesome shampoo to use as a clarifying shampoo once a week or so, depending on your hair type and how much product you use on a daily basis.

Next up is the John Frieda Frizz Ease Hydrating Shampoo. Again I have done a full review on this shampoo here, but again to sumarise I don’t actually have massively frizzy hair so didn’t notice a huge difference in that sense, but I got quite a few comments about how shiny my hair was after using it just a few times.

On the right hand side we have the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo in miniature size. This shampoo was really great for bringing out all the tones in my coloured hair. My hair is naturally a fairly dark brown and even with a colour on it’s never anything too far from my natural colour so I am unsure how it would be with dramatically coloured hair, but with mine it did definitely make the colour brighter. Will definitely be repurchasing this down the line!

Next we have the face products…

beautybookblog empties #2

On the left I have finished a bottle of the Biotherm pure.fect skin hydrating gel. This was a facial moisturiser I really enjoyed using. I was actually not overly keen on it when I first bought it and used it, but after a few weeks it became a firm favourite. The fact it was a gel means that it was nice and light on the skin along with being easily absorbed, but at the same time it was still really moisturising.

I won’t be repurchasing this product for two reasons though… one being that I have (and am nearly finished) a different Biotherm moisturiser which I prefer to this one, and also because later this year Biotherm will be leaving the UK so I will have issues getting hold of it! Sad times all round.

To the front we have the Balmi lip balm, and to the right we have the Nivea Soft Rose lip balm. Neither of these were either amazing or disappointing. I liked them both enough to finish them completely though. The Nivea one has a slight pink shimmer to it and a light rose scent, and the Balmi one has no shimmer or colour but has a slightly more obvious scent of raspberry. At the end of the day they were both cheap and cheerful lip balms and I would repurchase both. (Already have done with the Balmi in fact.)

Last but not least we have two miscellaneous products but I thought I would include them anyway as they are both (in my opinion) beauty related and I did finish them.

beautybookblog empties #2

On the left we have the Sensodyne ProNamel Daily Mouthwash. Not a huge amount to say about this product as it’s fairly self explanitory, but I like the Sensodyne ProNamel range and it’s got a lovely taste to this one without feeling like it’s burning a hole in your face as some of them tend to.

The the last product I used up was the Classics Nail Polish Remover. Again not too much to say about this… it was really cheap. It did take all colour off really quickly but it’s also really bad for drying my nails out. I don’t like spending a lot of money on a nail polish remover as I feel like to an extent they all must do the same thing and none of them can be THAT good for your nails anyway…. having said that I think this one was maybe just a little too cheap quality and possibly did more damage than good.

So that’s it for the end of this post! I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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What’s in my Birchbox? May 2014

Harpers Bazaar Birchbox May 2014

Birchbox this month teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar to create a box that isn’t only beautiful (and isn’t it just?) but also which is designed to “prepare you for a season’s worth of outdoor adventures”.

This has to be one of my favourite ever boxes I have received.

 Birchbox – to me – seem to be getting better and better as time goes on, and this box certainly is proof of that.

Birchbox Website.

Okay so onto what I got in this Birchbox  - the important part!

In each box you always get a little card telling you what each item is, how to use it, and how much it is to buy if you loved it and wanted to go ahead and purchase the full size item!

Along side the card you get a mini magazine or cards with hints and tips in and can be great little reads.

Harpers Bazaar Birchbox May 2014So in this box I got 6 products to try out.

Harpers Bazaar Birchbox May 2014I got:

* Benefit They’re Real Mascara (full size £19.50)

Harpers Bazaar Birchbox May 2014 Benefit They're Real

“This jet black formula adds both volume and length to all types of lashes”

* Soigne Nail Lacquer (this product actually is full size, and retails at £11)

Harpers Bazaar Birchbox May 2014 soigne nail lacquer

“Non-toxic polish in classically great shades; this chic new polish brand is a new essential”

* Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil (full size £39)

Harpers Bazaar Birchbox May 2014 Aromatherapy bath oil

“This invigorating blend of pink grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berry will soften skin and uplift your mood”

* Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo and Protect & Condition (full size £14 each)

Harpers Bazaar Birchbox May 2014 Shampoo and Conditioner

“The sulphate free formulas strengthen, nourish and protect the strands”

* Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (full size from £13.25)

Harpers Bazaar Birchbox May 2014 Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

“Leaves skin perfectly cleansed and prepped. The muslin cloth and polish ensure a beautiful glow”

I have already tried and already own the They’re Real mascara by Benefit which I already adore and it is one of my all time favourites so was super excited to see I now have a mini backup/travel size one too! It’s also a really good size for people to try it without having to go out and buy the full sized product.

I was also really excited when I saw that there was a small Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (and cloth) in this months box, as that is a product that I have been wanting to try for a really long time now but never got around to buying it. Heard so many good things about it so was really happy when I saw it was in the box, and a decent sized tube too.

The other three brands I have never heard of – so as much as I don’t get the initial excitement at recognising a brand or product I either love or wanted to try, but at the same time I find this the best way to find new brands to love so is exciting in its own sense!

Overall I am really pleased with this months box and hope it continues even more!

What did you get in your Birchbox? Same items or different?

Let me know!

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Beauty Tag: Blogger Firsts

My Firsts Beauty Edition

(credit to the amazing picture above and creator of the tag Jess from Dungarees and Donuts.)

This post will be something a little different as it will be a tag!

I was tagged by the gorgeous Frankie over at Curiouser and Curiouser to do the Beauty Tag: Blogger Firsts. You should definitely go over and take a look at her fabulous blog!

I tend to waffle on a little when doing posts like these so I will just get straight into it!

 1 - The first brand you found out about due to blogging?

This is a tricky question actually as I honestly can’t really remember! I think it was Redken though – which is now a brand I am in love with!

2 - The first YouTube tutorial you watched and attempted?

The first tutorial I ever watched was a smoky eye look by Panacea81! It was the Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis look and was amazing. That was most likely the first one I tried out myself too.

3 - The first high end item you bought?

It was MAC Shadestick in the shade Sharkskin. I absolutely loved it.

It does what it says… it’s an amazing base for eyeshadow if you are wanting a darker/more dramatic look.

4 - The first product you regret buying?

A foundation by Collection 2000. It was around £4 and was the most awful product ever! I think their newer ones are better though – as my extravagant £4 purchase was a good few years ago now.

5 - The first product you repurchased?

That was a Revlon Colourstay Foundation. Fabulous “drugstore” foundation! I remember at the time I bought it first time thinking that £11 was ridiculously over-priced for a foundation… but then as I got a bit older and realised how much better decent foundations are I ended up loving it and repurchasing it!

6 - The first product you reviewed on your blog?

I did a combined post where I did a mini review on various lipbalms in one post, but my first ever proper review was on Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo.

7 - The first product you bought due to a blogger review?

I think it was actually the Redken shampoo! That or the Seche Vite top coat… (plus far too many books….)

8 - Do you still use any of your first blogger make-up purchases?

I do! I love my Redken and as much as I don’t have any left just now, I will definitely be buying more. Also the Seche Vite Top Coat is my all time favourite top coat for nail polishes.

So that’s it for this tag!

I really enjoy doing tags so thank you again to the lovely Frankie for tagging me!

I tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet who wants to give it a go!

Leave me a comment with your link if you do do it, so I can have a read and check out your answers too :)

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Bioderma Micelle Solution Face and Eye makeup remover/cleanser

In this post I will be doing a review of the Bioderma Micelle Solution face and eye cleanser*

Bioderma Micelle solution

I will start off by saying that I have heard such amazing things about this product from other bloggers and youtubers that when I was given the opportunity to review it I jumped at the chance!

In  case you haven’t heard about this product, I will give you a quick overview of what it is all about… it’s a non-rinse, fragrance free and soap free cleanser and eye makeup remover (including waterproof makeup), and it really does what it says on the tin (bottle)!

I don’t like makeup removers which are harsh, irritate my skin, are overly oily, sting, or take a long time or a lot of rubbing to get the makeup off… this is the exact opposite of that!

All you have to do with this makeup remover is soak some onto a cotton pad, hold over your eye area for 10 or so seconds, and then sweep away. Then do the same sweeping action over the rest of the face with a clean cotton pad. That is literally it. There is no oiliness, no need to rinse off afterwards, no stinging, no tightness, and no need to push or tug at your skin as all your makeup just glides right off with this.

I love the fact it contains no soap and no fragrances either. That teamed with the fact that it doesn’t feel like you are using paint stripper on your face makes it perfect for those with sensitive skins.

The one I received (pictured above) is the one for normal skin. They do also make one for oily skins, but I have combination skin and the normal formula is perfect for me, and doesn’t make my skin feel either too dry or oily at all.

This product is also great as a cleanser as well as a makeup remover, as it completely cleanses the skin. Personally though I like to take all of my makeup off with this product and then use a different cleanser afterwards (there isn’t really a need to, I just like using more of a lotion type cleanser for a more luxurious feel).

I would put this with my top makeup removers for example my Biotherm.

As stated before I was sent this product to review (only to review, all opinions are my own as usual :) ) but I am glad they contacted me for two reasons… one being that this product is awesome and I was really excited to try it as I had heard such good things, and the other being that the company that sent me it are an online pharmacy in the UK, but who are based in Belgium and who sell some of the harder to find French brands, for example Bioderma or Avene.

Part the reason I hadn’t tried the Bioderma before now is that I found it quite difficult to get a hold of the brand within the UK – so knowing about an online pharmacy which stocks these brands is awesome!

You can find their homepage here: Farmaline

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped someone! Have you ever tried this Bioderma Micelle Solution? What did you think about it?

Let me know in the comments below.

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AreaH2O Shampoo and Conditioner review

In this post I will be doing a review of two products from a brand called AreaH2O, being a shampoo and conditioner duo*.

Area H2O shampoo and conditioner

Areah2o shampoo and conditioner

I can honestly say I have never tried a hair care range like this before!

I will quote a section from the back of the box, as that explains how this range is different to other ranges out there:

Metal ions, present in all types of water, react with shampoo to form mineral deposits that cling to your hair. AreaH2O shampoo is designed to act as a magnet, attracting mineral ions and allowing you to wash them away far more easily. This means your hair will feel noticeably cleaner, smoother, shinier and less flyaway.

They do a range of shampoos and conditioners which work best depending on the hardness or softness of water in your area as different water types have different levels of minerals mentioned above.

Here is a link to their site if you want to find out more about them! AreaH2O.

I have a complete love/hate relationship with this shampoo and conditioner duo. (The hate side can be fairly easily fixed though with the addition of a few other products.)

Basically after having used this shampoo and conditioner duo on a regular basis for a couple of weeks I noticed that my hair physically felt stronger and healthier. It didn’t feel as thin or fragile/delicate, it felt more robust and in better condition. (Although I will add my hair wasn’t in bad condition to start with so I am unsure how it would be if your hair was already very damaged.)

That is my main big positive about this duo, and to me that was amazing that I physically noticed a difference in the whole feel of my hair after just a few weeks (around 3 weeks, washing my hair 2-3 times a week.)

Now the not-so-great-but-easily-fixable parts…

Using this shampoo without the condtioner is really not a good idea. My hair is generally very smooth and tangle free, but when I decided to try using the shampoo without using the conditioner after, my hair was really tangled nearly all day!

When it was tangled and I had my tangle teezer it wasn’t too much of a problem, more like an inconvenience. I was more worried that my hair would get damaged if I was having to keep on de-tangling it!

Spraying on a load of leave-in condition did help, but never again will I only use the shampoo and not the conditioner from this range.

The only other minor thing I am not a huge fan of as far as results go with this duo is that I don’t feel my hair is as shiny as it is when using some other brands of shampoo. Again though this can be fairly easily fixed with the help of a shine spray.

Overall I feel it definitely helped my hair feel stronger and healthier, and along with the claims on the box, I felt that I did have less flyaway hairs.

This is the sort of shampoo I wouldn’t use on the day of a special occasion, but will be re-purchasing to use on a regular basis to help keep this new found strength my hair seems to have which to me is hugely important!

What are your thoughts on this brand? Have you tried anything from it? Would you like to? Let me know!

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Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Review

Revlon Parfumerie nail enamels chocolate truffle, wintermint and ginger melon

Today I have something new to share with you all – the brand new line of nail polishes that Revlon have brought out called the Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels.

The packaging for these new nail polishes are super adorable as they all look like mini old fashioned perfume bottles which I really like as they look super pretty while sitting out on the top of your dresser.

Each one of these little bottles contains a scented nail polish and each scent is completely individual, along with matching up to the colour it’s paired with.

All in all there are 20 different shades to choose from, with a fairly decent range of shades/colours.

I picked up three from the range to try out and review, being Chocolate Truffle, Wintermint and Ginger Melon.

Here is some close up shots of the three I chose.

Chocolate Truffle: This is a beautiful deep rich brown shade and does smell like dark chocolate on the nail! It’s a cream finish polish so no sparkle or glitter here.

Revlon Parfumerie nail enamels chocolate truffle

Revlon Parfumerie nail enamels chocolate truffle

Next up we have Wintermint: This is a gorgeous shimmery pale green shade with an amazing blue glitter running through it! This is the strongest scent out of the three and really does have a very fresh minty scent to it. (For the purpose of this review we shall just forget the fact that it’s pretty much an identical dupe for the Deborah Lippmann polish Mermaid’s Dream.)

Revlon Parfumerie nail enamels wintermint

Revlon Parfumerie nail enamels wintermint

And last but not least we have Ginger Melon: This is an amazing vibrant pink, but it almost comes across as a very bright pastel shade rather than a true shocking bright pink… does that make sense? Anyway… the scent it’self is very fruity – though I smell no ginger at all from it.

Revlon Parfumerie nail enamels ginger melon

Revlon Parfumerie nail enamels ginger melon

The nail polishes (or enamels as they are being called) are actually really lovely to apply and last around the same length of time as any “standard” polish. The wintermint one lasts the longest on me though for some reason!

They go on very smoothly and have a lovely opaque colour to them all, so two coats is plenty to get the true colour represented from the bottles.

Now scent wise…. I am still a little confused as to why you would even want scented nail polish, but as far as the scents themselves go – they aren’t too bad!

You have to apply the polish to your nail and let it fully dry before getting the scent through. It will then give off a fairly strong fragrance for quite a while lasting well into the next day, but later the second day/into the third day) you will find the scent will have faded right down.

In trying various combos with top coats and what-not I have found that they last the best colour wise with a top coat, but if you are more interested in the scents themselves then you are best without a top coat and just putting another coat on every day/second day to freshen up the colour and fragrance.

Over all the colours and polishes themselves are actually pretty decent for the price (around £6.49 each) and if you like the thought of having scented nails then I would say definitely go ahead and try them!

What are your thoughts on scented nail polish? Let me know! :)

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BornPretty Jewellery

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at BornPrettyStore.com asking me if I would like a couple of pieces of jewellery to review on my blog for you all.

Initially I was going to turn them down as my blog was only going to be about beauty products and books, but then after having a look at their website (how cute is their stuff?!) and having a think about it, I think I will occasionally do reviews on jewellery, accessories and other fashion type products, possibly even homeware accessories too, for examples candles!

So baring that in mind, and the fact they offered me a coupon code for all my readers to get 10% off, I decided to accept the offer to review the products for you all to see how I feel about doing these sorts of posts along side my usual!

I was sent 5 items to review, one bracelet, one ring and 3 necklaces.

In stead of doing a full individual review on each item sent to me, I will do my thoughts and a brief description under each, and a general review over all 5 items.

(The links for each one will be under the corresponding picture in case you are interested – none of the links are affiliate links.)

So for what I got…

First up is this really pretty and quirky owl wrap bracelet. The braiding is nicely done but the quality does feel a little cheap. On the plus side the colour is amazingly bright and it has a little clasp so that it can feel secure on your wrist.

BornPretty Jewellery

BornPretty Jewellery

Link to this item

Next up is a cute little silver and blue heart necklace. This one goes really well with the bracelet above as it’s almost an identical shade of blue! Such a cute little necklace too.

BornPretty Jewellery

Link to this item

The second necklace I got was this adorable pink gem rabbit! I love the colour of the gem stone making up the body of this little rabbit. As much as it clearly isn’t a high quality gem stone dupe, it looks quite a bit more than the $3 price tag! It’s such a beautiful deep pink colour, and I feel something really unique.

BornPretty JewelleryLink to this item

Next we have an adorable little infinity ring. This is such a pretty little ring. It looks so tiny, simple and delicate and yet it feels lovely and sturdy to wear. It’s quite a small size but I liked that about it as it means I can wear it full on my small fingers or as a knuckle ring on the others. Plus it’s a bonus the fact that it was only $0.99!

BornPretty Jewellery

BornPretty Jewellery BornPretty Jewellery

Link to this item

Last but certainly not least we have this owl necklace. From the photo on the website it looks like the coloured gems in his little body were quite deep, muted shades, but when it arrived they are actually very bright and colourful! I love the combination of the dark coloured metal and the bright stones, along with the cute design! This one and the ring are certainly my favourite two out of the bunch :)

BornPretty Jewellery

Link to this item

Overall I think that if you are looking for cheap and cheerful jewellery, with a good variety of items to pick from then I would definitely have a look at BornPretty as all 5 of these items came to less than $10 USD – plus they ship worldwide!

If you are looking for high quality pieces then they maybe aren’t for you, but if you were needing a specific design for something you couldn’t find anywhere else then it may come in handy.

As I said before none of the links above are affiliate links – just links to the site and products in case you were interested in any of the items I have shown.

If you are interested then I have a coupon code for you all to get 10% off as stated earlier in the post. Just use the code “KAT10″ at checkout to get the money off!

Hope you liked this post, let me know your thoughts on it!

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