Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Nail Strengthener

This review will be on the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Nail Strengthener.

I got a set of this nail strengthener from QVC a few weeks back as it was on a special offer price and on the demonstration it looked really good so I thought I would give it a go.

In the set I got two of the standard size bottles (18ml) and two travel sizes (5ml). It is one of the 5ml bottles in the picture I have put up of it.

On the QVC website as standard they sell one 18ml bottle for £21.50.

My nails grow fast, but they are weak, they peel, and they break/snap a lot, so I am always looking for the best nail strengtheners that will also hydrate my nails and not cause any more damage… and I think I have found my ideal product in this.

Before this the one I liked was the Sally Hansen Diamond Strengthener (£8.99 for £13ml), and found it did the job better than most I had tried at the time.

I was quite skeptical with the Pink Gel Coat Strengthener as I felt that surely nothing could work as well as it did in the demo on TV? But I will admit, it really does. You put a thin layer of the Pink Gel onto clean, dry, bare nails and it gives it a lovely slightly pink sheen as it neutralises any yellow tones in the nail and makes them look healthy and bright, plus you only have to take it off and reapply it about once a week – although I do it more often as I use it as the base coat under my nail polish so I need to reapply it as I change nail colours.

Pink Gel CoatFor applying it it just goes on like any other nail polish or strengthener, with the brush attached to the lid like nail colours have. It glides on very smoothly and dries as a perfect layer with no streaks and so it would look really pretty just to be left on its own with no coloured layer on top of it also. My Mum uses this as well now and has also found great results, and she uses it alone without any colour on top.

You can use this on fingers and toes, not just one or the other.

As I said before I use this as a base coat for my nail polish usually, and find that it also helps keep my nail colour on longer, as my nails aren’t breaking and bending as much, which is what usually happens and my colour starts to chip sometimes after just a matter of hours.

When using this nail strengthener it doesn’t make your nails feel brittle, like it would actually cause some damage if you did break a nail with it on, it just makes them feel a lot stronger, but with that tiny bit of needed flexibility, just in case.

Overall, this is by all means not the cheapest strengthener out on the market, but to me it hands down is the winner. Even for the price I would most definitely be repurchasing this! (Though would most likely wait until there was a special on QVC again, as they do quite often).

I really really love this product. Has anyone else tried it? Do you love it as much as I do? (Or I could say as much as we do, including my Mum!)

Hope this helps!

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