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Starting Off: Makeup Tools

I can’t believe this is the last post for this 10 week Starting Off project. Hopefully at least someone has gotten some tips and help from these posts, as that was the whole point in this 10 week series. There is a new series starting […]

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Starting Off: Lips

This is the second to last week of this Starting Off series, and I will be sad to see it end! But I do hope it has helped some of you, even just little tips and tricks here and there 🙂 This week is all […]

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Starting Off: Eyeshadow

So this week we enter the world of eyeshadow! There are SO many different ways to apply eyeshadow, and with so many colours and finishes to choose from it would take such a long time to go over everything, so I will be giving a […]

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Starting Off: Eyeliner

Eyeliner is without a doubt one of my favourite makeup items. For me it completes a look and just helps to accentuate your eyes, which personally is how I like my makeup to look most of the time. If you have never used any eyeliner […]

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Starting Off: Mascara

This weeks post is on probably the one item people own, even those who rarely use makeup, it is of course, mascara. Mascara is important for a few reasons, and if you ask anyone the single most important item in their makeup bag, I would […]

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Starting Off: Blush

This weeks topic for the Starting Off Project is blusher. Firstly I will say, I am not a big fan of “rules” with makeup, and especially not blusher. I do agree that some shades will suit some skin tones better than others, but on the […]

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Starting Off: Bronzer

So this week is all about bronzer. First off I will say that I didn’t use bronzer for quite a long time when I started with makeup, but now it is one of my few “staple” items I use daily, you just have to get […]

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Starting Off: Foundation

We are into the third week of this Starting Off Project already, scary how fast time flies! So this week we are talking about foundation. Foundation can be quite a tricky one to get right, but it is definitely worth spending the time doing so […]

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Starting Off: Concealer

So this is the second post in the Starting Off series! This week is focused all around concealer. Concealer itself comes in many different forms and consistencies, some costing a small fortune, others costing £1, and then all the others in between. Today I will […]

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