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Vera Wang Princess Review

My plan was to do a fragrance post on a lovely warm, slightly spicy scent for the cooler months, something more seasonally appropriate, but in all honesty I have been loving this perfume recently so wanted to share it with you all. I had known […]

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Biotherm Oceane eau de toilette

This is a fragrance post/review, but with a bit of a twist! It’s Oceane by Biotherm, and it is an eau de toilette spray, but this fragrance is also good for you as it also helps to moisturise the skin which is always an added […]

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Givenchy Dahlia Noir

In this post I decided to talk about a beautiful fragrance that is one of my favourite lighter autumn scents – Dahlia Noir by Givenchy. I really love the packaging of this perfume, for both the box and the bottle. The packaging of both the […]

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Giorgio Armani Si

This post is a look at the new fragrance by Giorgio Armani called Si. This really is such a beautiful fragrance. It has been brought out as his new premium fragrance, and you can really tell. Straight from the Armani Beauty website it says “At […]

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Dot by Marc Jacobs

This review will be on the fragrance Dot by Marc Jacobs. This fragrance came out in 2012 so it isn’t brand new, but the reason I decided to review this one now is that his brand new one Honey has just been launched and there […]

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