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This or That Tag

I got tagged to do this by the lovely Selina from TheKittenInHeels  and thought it looked like fun as it has a variety of topics and questions to answer. There are quite a lot of questions so I will just get onto them! Makeup Blush or […]

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Sunshine Award

So I have been nominated by two lovely ladies for this award, Jess from Dungarees and Donuts and Aisling from Blossom Beauty. So the Sunshine award is given to bloggers who are positive, inspiring, creative or whos blog you just really enjoy reading (so I […]

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Autumn Tag

I have decided to do this tag as Autumn/Fall is my favourite season, and I feel too many people forget about and jump straight from late summer into the Christmas season! Now I love Christmas, but we mustn’t forget about Autumn and how lovely it […]

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Versatile Blogger Award

The other morning I woke up to find out I had been nominated for yet another award! Then before I had a chance to post it up I was nominated for the same award by another lovely lady! Feeling a bit special! This award is […]

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

So I got nominated for a different type of blogger award! Feeling a bit special 😛 This time it was the Very Inspiring Blogging Award, and I was nominated by the lovely Jodie at MwahMakeup! The rules for this award are very simple: Display the […]

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Liebster award, again!

Since my last post of being notimated for the Liebster award for the second time, I have been nominated twice more! Firstly by Lucy and then Jess! As I have done this twice before, I wont be redoing the whole post, I will just answer […]

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Liebster Award #2

So I received an unexpected surprise today, I had been nominated for the Liebster Award again! How lovely is that! This time I was nominated by the lovely Frankie. Because I have done the whole tag before so recently, I decided not to do it […]

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Liebster Award!

So this post was unexpected as I usually only post on Tuesdays and Fridays, but as I was nominated for the Liebster Award, I wanted to pay it forward asap! 😀 I was nominated for this award by the lovely EmmaLouJohansson! Click her the link there […]

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A quick introduction….

As this is my first post on my Blog I thought a quick introduction was in order! My name is Kammi and I live in the UK and I love my dog, books, beauty products and technology 🙂 This blog was created mainly for me […]

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